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Wills And Probate

Designing A Will To Set Order To Your Affairs

Throughout the course of an average day, your attention may be focused on meeting the responsibilities you’ve accepted as a parent, spouse and employee. In concentrating on these tasks, you may ignore others, which can create problems for you and your loved ones in the future.

Such is the case for drafting a will. Meeting with a lawyer to set order to your affairs may require that other errands are pushed off for another day. However, when you begin the process of recording your wishes, you will appreciate the immediate and the long-term advantages that materialize. In most households, taking the steps to catalog possessions and allocate property is fairly straightforward and not costly to document.

For over 30 years, Daniel B. Jones, Attorney and Counselor, has been helping residents of Collin County and the Dallas Metroplex ensure that their plans are carried out after their passing. Having administered wills for years, he has extensive experience in crafting documents that encourage a straightforward probate process. As a result, you can establish control over asset division, and your loved ones can receive benefits from your estate without a prolonged legal battle.

Drafting A Will Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive; It Does Have To Be Accurate

In the state of Texas, the process of writing and executing a will is not difficult to complete. However, failing to create this document can create conflicts down the road because Texas courts take on the task of dividing an estate for those who die without having established a will. As a result, beneficiaries have to rely on the probate court to determine property and asset division, a process that may be lengthy and impersonal.

The wills that Daniel B. Jones writes reflect his commitment to providing straightforward legal services. As such, you will benefit from documents that:

  • Are properly drafted to avoid will contests in court
  • Protect beneficiaries from excessive taxation
  • Are written to streamline probate
  • Are drawn up in a timely manner
  • Are reasonably priced

Daniel B. Jones does not advise my clients to supplement their wills with complicated estate plans or unnecessary trusts. In retaining his services, you will be given the value-added legal counsel that has characterized the firm for decades.

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