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Creditors’ Rights And Collections

Secure Your Collateral In A Timely Manner

While fiscal risks do accompany the decision to pursue business ventures, federal and state laws have been designed to offer protection to creditors should a debtor fail to fulfill his obligations. In the event of a default, Texas regulations set order to the procedure that must be followed to secure collateral and collect the debt. Veteran business owners often are not familiar with the security net established by such legislation. This is why they retain the services of collection agencies.

That not all collection attempts are successful initially is the reason why companies seek Daniel B. Jones’ legal services. Over the course of three decades, he has been advising on the subject of creditors’ rights to collect what is owed. He has represented a range of clients including financial institutions, commercial and small businesses, homeowners’ associations (HOA’s), and commercial property owners, both for entities located within Texas and those established in other states.

Expanding Your Collections Options

His clients benefit from the value-added strategies he creates. He recognizes that the decision to engage in legal action is not one creditors make lightly; they do not want to incur excessive fees and costs during the litigation process. Guided by his extensive legal experience and substantial knowledge of this field, he identifies cost-effective remedies that promote favorable outcomes in a timely fashion.

In order to secure indebtedness and collateral before it has lost its value, he offers legal guidance in matters such as:

While it is possible to devise a self-help remedy without legal aid, operating outside court jurisdiction may not produce favorable results in an expedient manner. Investing in a practiced lawyer who can navigate the complex collections procedures legislated by the state provides a high rate of return.

Work With An Attorney Well-Versed In Commercial Debt Collection

Contact my firm to arrange a consultation to discuss your legal options. For your convenience, you can reach my Plano office via phone at 972-424-1165 or via message.  

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