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Develop Your Real Estate Stake With Legal Counsel

Thanks to favorable economic conditions in Collin County and the Dallas Metroplex, our property market continues to strengthen, increasing the value of existing homes and driving new construction in the region. The demand for residential and commercial real estate is a boon for agents, land developers, property owners and HOAs seeking to sell or lease units. While there are opportunities to draw profit from this growing demand, risks abound.

As an established resident and practiced attorney, Daniel B. Jones  has counseled many clients on the legal hazards and financial benefits offered by real estate ownership, development, sales and leasing. Throughout his 34 years of service as a lawyer, he has provided economical and personalized representation to Texas professionals within the real estate, finance and construction industries.

Comprehensive Real Estate Representation For Various Enterprises

Whether you are a sole proprietor who leases office space, a land developer overseeing construction of multiple subdivisions or an HOA requiring advice on drafting or revising condominium or subdivision governing documents, he can address your concerns in an expedient manner.

Having partnered with various owners and operators within this field, he has the substantial experience with ensuring compliance, facilitating the permitting process and litigating contracts

In addition to these offerings, I advise in a range of real estate matters such as:

  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Commercial property sales and leasing
  • Construction defects
  • HOA litigation
  • Residential real estate litigation
  • Enforcement of real estate contracts
  • Title issues
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Condominium declarations and regulations
  • Mechanic’s Liens
  • Construction contract litigation
  • Mortgage and construction financing claims
  • HOA management contracts, bylaws and declarations

In retaining his services, you will benefit from the depth and breadth of his practice. Investing in quality legal aid will safeguard your business and expand your opportunities for growth.

Promote Your Property Interests By Working With Daniel B. Jones

Schedule a consultation at my Plano office today. You can contact me by filling out my intake form or by calling 972-424-1165.

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