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Resolving Disputes Through Mediation

When faced with a legal dispute, you may resist seeking legal advice due to budgetary constraints. Unfortunately, neglecting to address an issue will not resolve it but can expand its scope. While it is true that engaging in litigation to resolve a conflict can be costly and time-consuming, this is not the only method you can use to solve a problem.

As a practiced litigator and a trained mediator, Daniel B. Jones, Attorney and Counselor, has participated in over 100 mediations over many years as an advocate for his clients. While you may feel that a lawyer’s fees prevent you from receiving a satisfactory solution for your legal matters, participating in a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), may provide the closure that you seek at an economical rate.

The Advantages Of Meditation Appear Immediately And Extend Over The Long Term

The benefits associated with mediation are many:

  • Mediation takes less time than litigation to create a solution.
  • Mediation is not as costly as litigation.
  • Mediation encourages collaboration between parties, often leading to results agreeable to both sides.
  • Mediation is not as formal as litigation.
  • The results created in a mediation remain private, unlike the documentation that is shared in public record after litigation.

In addition to saving resources of time and money, mediation provides a viable option for conflict resolutions in many civil matters, such as:

Since this form of ADR emphasizes a collaborative interaction rather than one that is adversarial, most participants exit the session satisfied with the compromises they made to reach an agreement. For this reason, both parties are more likely to adhere to the resolution in the long term.

Contact A Trained Mediator To Create A Mutually Beneficial Solution

Call my Plano, Texas, office at 972-424-1165 or send a message to schedule your mediation consultation. I will work with you to identify a solution that is fair and acceptable to both parties.

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