Creating Custody Agreements That Benefit Parents And Children

Engaging in divorce when children are involved is a delicate process. You may feel overwhelmed by the long-term decisions that you need to make in short order regarding housing, education and health care. You might be drained by the negotiations that accompany asset and property division. Yet, in spite of the frustration you may experience when you speak with your spouse, you commit to remaining respectful for the sake of your children.

Having facilitated divorce and custody proceedings in Collin County and the surrounding areas for over three decades, Daniel B. Jones, Attorney and Counselor, understands that tension permeates this process. He recognizes that stressful situations cause people to react in a manner that may bring immediate gratification but create lasting damage.

It's easy to perceive divorce and custody proceedings as a competition, in which each conflict is resolved through aggressive posturing and threats. Some attorneys may promote this perspective as a way of increasing their legal fees. This adversarial view is not one Daniel endorses, especially for parents seeking a joint custody agreement.

Emphasizing Collaboration To Resolve Your Custody Disputes

As a trained mediator and practiced litigator in Texas, Daniel B. Jones has extensive experience in creating favorable custody agreements on behalf of his clients. He is aware that, while he is representing in your interests in custody matters for a brief period, your family will be affected by this arrangement for a long time. This is why it benefits you to select an attorney who encourages civility and professionalism throughout negotiations.

An advantage of supporting amicable proceedings is that the process is streamlined and efficient. Rather than unduly prolonging this experience, he strives to reach a solution in a timely fashion. Whether you chose to litigate or mediate your custody dispute, he can design an effective and economical strategy that secures the resolution you seek in matters such as:

  • Child custody
  • Child support enforcement
  • Child custody modifications

After your divorce, you will have a different relationship with your former spouse. In retaining Daniel B. Jones' services, you will be establishing the foundation for a new relationship with a former spouse that is courteous and not contentious.

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