Encouraging A Timely Conclusion Of Divorce Proceedings

Whether you are contemplating divorce or are currently engaged in the process, you know that this undertaking is an emotional one. The decision to sever a marriage bond is not one that is lightly made because the impact of a dissolution often extends beyond the married couple.

In considering those who will be affected by divorce, you may wish to avoid embracing a bitter, scorched earth policy by encouraging a separation that is amicable. For over three decades, Daniel B. Jones, Attorney and Counselor, has promoted less contentious proceedings between divorcing spouses in Collin County.

He tailors his counsel to limit the collateral effect that occurs when individuals seek to change their marital status. As a trained mediator, he develops strategies that facilitate the divorce process in a straightforward and cost-conscious manner. In doing so, he works to support the long-term health of a relationship that exists post divorce when children are involved.

Streamlining The Process To Help You During And After Divorce

Some Texas divorce lawyers may encourage a winner-take-all mentality that drives up legal fees as these advisers develop prolonged strategies to aggressively pursue any possession or asset of value. Contentious conditions benefit these attorneys but not their clients.

In retaining Daniel B. Jones' divorce services, you will receive practical legal counsel that leads to an effective resolution. Should you decide to pursue your case in court, he has extensive experience as a board-certified civil trial attorney and will help you navigate the divorce process, in matters such as:

  • Litigation
  • Discovery
  • Expert drafting of a Final Decree of Divorce 
  • Appeal of judgment
  • Modification of judgment

His commitment to efficiently solving conflicts encompasses other aspects of family law, including advising on child custody issues.

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