Protecting Your Business From Internal Discord

Successful business owners recognize that the possibility of conflict accompanies any commercial transaction or undertaking. Operators who choose to ignore this reality risk reallocating their time and finances at short notice to defend their enterprise against litigation when disputes eventually arise.

Daniel B. Jones, Attorney and Counselor, recognizes that while it is prudent to prepare for claims that may be filed by customers or employees, business owners must also be prepared for dissension among partners or shareholders that can also threaten a company's fiscal health. In forming a partnership or privately held company, founders benefit from the resources made available by a group of investors. In diluting ownership in an entity, however, executives lose an element of control over their organization.

Having represented businesses throughout Collin County for more than 30 years, Daniel B. Jones has devoted the majority of his practice to business litigation. Throughout his legal career, he has gained extensive experience creating economical legal strategies for CEOs and founders as they seek to resolve shareholder and partnership disputes in Texas.

Promoting Economical Solutions To Address Internal Conflicts

It is important for your attorney to understand that proactive measures can limit the damage done to a corporate entity. As such, the contracts, bylaws and shareholder agreements Daniel B. Jones drafts are designed to reduce discord among owners, directors, officers or shareholders. Not all conflict risks can be mitigated, though.

As a lawyer who is Board Certified in Civil Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, Daniel B. Jones has the legal knowledge and foresight to recognize when litigation is the best method for resolving an issue. As a business and commercial litigator, he offers a range of services for privately held entities, such as:

Should the business arrangement be irrevocably damaged, he can also assist in business dissolution and can help to negotiate and draft an equitable buyout agreement.

Protect Your Company From Within By Consulting With A Board-Certified Litigator

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